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Centre De Formation MathÉmatique

The #1 Math Tutoring School in the West-Island

Why Math Education Center?

Our Math Tutoring is a leading provider of tutoring and supplemental Education Services to students of all ages and skill levels.

We focus on every child individually and their needs by providing with homework support, preparing them for exams and helping them understand math concepts and achieve BETTER GRADES.

All of our Math Programs are in accordance with the Quebec Ministry of Education Programs (MELS), so you can be sure what they do with us is exactly what's being covered at school.

By our professionalism and research we have put together a unique approach to tutoring, one that would lead your child to a strong basis in math ,build self confidence, aim high and achieve SUCCESS.

Giving Children the Right Tools to Succeed

Since 2001, working closely with Teachers, Guidance Counsellors and Principals from Private and Public schools all over the West-Island, the MEC have helped thousands of students achieve success by providing them with the right tools needed to succeed in homework and exams and a knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Working in a small group environment or one-on-one, under the personal direction of highly qualified instructors, MEC students develop cognitive learning techniques and study skills that help them perform better in daily schoolwork and on tests.

We teach students how to:

  • study efficiently
  • increase thinking skills
  • be more organized
  • focus
  • create independency
  • develop new learning strategies


  • increased confidence
  • motivation
  • homework success

Diana Lasry's Math Education Center is a place where every child feels at home and where every child is a success.

Improve Grades and Confidence With The Help of Our Dedicated Tutors

MEC Tutors are hardworking, caring, passionate and dedicated instructors who enjoy giving back to the community by helping students achieve success. Each tutor is highly qualified, trained and experienced to teach Math at the Elementary and High-School level.

We believe that with the right approach, the right instruction, and the right support, any child can learn, enjoy, and thrive in math.

We believe that every child has a unique learning need. Therefore, we tailor our instructions with a personalized approach and engage either in person or online to support each child where they need it most.

MEC Programs

  • Year-Round Program
  • Bridge Program
  • Mid-Term and Final Exams Prep Program
  • Summer Program for Re-Write Exams
  • Summer Enriched program
  • High-School Entrance Exam Prep Program

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