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Centre De Formation MathÉmatique

The #1 Math Tutoring School in the West-Island

What Schools have to say about the Math Education Center

"In all my years as a Guidance Counsellor at St-Thomas High-School, I had no hesitation to recommend students in need of mathematical reinforcement to attend the Math Education Center. The services provided by this excellent remedial Center have proven very effective in bringing students up to and beyond par in their mathematical skills. So effective were this services that the Math Education Center was the only math help group I've ever recommended."
Deana Albertini, Retired Guidance Counsellor St-Thomas High-School

"Mrs. Diana Lasry is a well-reputed Math teacher who is very familiar with the senior Math Program and has also been trained to tutor Mathematics. We are very fortunate to have her join our Staff. She is determined to give your child the best learning environment and to help them succeed."
Mr. Robert Morrison, Principal, JRHS

"If you feel your child is struggling in Math, I would encourage you to have your child take part of the Math Tutorials with the Program Specialist at the Math Education Center."
Neil Fitzpatrick, Principal, PCHS

What Parents have to say about the Math Education Center

"My daughter has always had to work really hard at Math. In Secondary 2 she almost failed her final exam ending her year with a Math mark of 68% overall. It was at this time that we decided, upon recommendation from a friend, to try out MEC. She went through the summer program before starting her secondary 3 year and the results were immediate; she scored a 96% in her mid-term exam and ended her year with a 92%! She continues to attend weekly sessions along with the summer program. It has been the best investment! Our daughter's confidence level is through the roof and as a Sec. 4 student she is now thinking of applying for Commerce in College next year. Thank you MEC!!"
— The Rivera Family, Queen Of Angels Parent

"Just wanted to let you know that Daniel got 86% on the math bridge course & is accepted in the TS Sec V. Thank you so much, the MEC played a major role in his success."
— Nancy, St-Thomas High School Parent

"The MEC really gave my daughter, Michelle, an extra boost last year in the Bridge course and she has expressed a wish to continue taking tutorials again this year."
— Liette, St-Thomas High School Parent

"Just wanted to let you know that Evan had excellent results in his Math and Science Bridge Courses this summer. He got 85 in Math and 82 in Science. His school will be placing him in the appropriate classes this year. We want to thank you, once again, for all your help in Evan's success."
— Cristina, St-Thomas High School Parent

"Hiru did very well in his final math exam. He got 90%. We will be sending him to your math after school tutoring starting Sept. Thanks a lot."
— Chama, Ecole Secondaire Des Sources Parent

"Thank you for helping Gabriel last year in his final exam, in Sec. 2 at College Charlemagne. He got a 96% in his examen du Ministere at the final. His marks were up and down throughout the year, by coming to your classes mid-term and final term he managed to understand things clearer. He was very happy and his confidence went up because he realized he was smart and could get good marks. All it took was help from you Diana, and your method of teaching and everything clicked and made him understand better. I have given your name to friends and acquaintances and told them how good your classes were and if their children had problems in Math to call you and join your lessons. Again, thank you, and we will be back this year in Sec. 3."
— Anna, College Charlemagne Parent

"Oliver wrote his math bridge yesterday and it went very well. His marks have been very good during the Summer course. He was well prepared for this. Thank you."
— Lorraine, St-Thomas High School Parent

"Diana, Justin is very pleased with the progress he has made – he says you're fantastic."
— Cynthia, St-Thomas high School Parent

What Kids have to say about the Math Education Center

"The MEC Summer Program was a great experience. I've learned and understood the math. After coming here I feel much more confident to start grade 10."
— Michelle, Emmanuel Christian School student

"This is a remarkable learning experience, I feel like i can tackle any math problem that comes my way."
— Sharon, Emmanuel Christian School student

"The main reason why I love this program is because I can trust that everyone there is going to do everything possible to see me succeed. I always know that Diana is there waiting to help, no matter what it is. Each and every time I go to get some help, she is more then happy to do so. I could not ask for a better place to learn! Because of Diana's help I am now in high math, which is exactly where i need to be. On behalf of myself and all the other students, your help is greatly appreciated, thank you."
— Matt, St-Thomas High school student

"I found that this Math Program helped me out a lot! I feel much more prepared and confident going into the Secondary 4 program. I recommend signing up your child for this course to help them improve in math!"
— Mallory, Queen Of Angels student

"I learn so much, it's very productive and a great working environment."
— Kyle, St-Thomas High School student

"I learn a lot and the tutors are very helpful and supportive."
— Emily, St-Thomas High School student

"I learn so much at the Math Education Center plus i have fun doing it!"
— Gabriel, John Rennie High School student

"I understand so much better now. Thank you so much."
— Tamara, John Rennie High School student

"Excellent Tutoring service. The MEC helped me achieve the great mark that i was aiming for."
— Kevin, PCHS student


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