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The MEC Online Tutoring sessions are offered to help your child achieve success, keep engaged and stay motivated.

The benefits of using online tutoring?

See your tutor with video

Speak to each other with high quality audio

Write and draw on the digital whiteboard

Chat via instant messaging

Share files like homework, graphs and class notes

Study at the comfort of your home

Online tutoring is dynamic and fits the needs to many different type of learners. Our online classroom simulates the face-to-face tutoring experience while removing all limits and adding features only possible in an online environment.

All students can benefit from our online tutoring sessions. Whether you're in Elementary, High School or Cegep and you're looking to understand new concepts, complete your homework or boost your grades, we'll find the right tutor for you.

In order to ensure the stability of the online tutoring session, you need a high-speed Internet connection as well as either a cellphone, tablet or computer.Our Online Tutoring Platform is user friendly. No complicated downloads. We send you the links and you're all set!

Fill out the form below and we'll find the perfect tutor for you. We will contact you by e-mail or by text to find a time and day that is convenient for both you and the tutor. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to enter the MEC online classroom.

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See what people are saying

" Mrs. Diana Lasry is a well-reputed Math teacher who is very familiar with the senior Math Program and has also been trained to tutor Mathematics. We are very fortunate to have her join our Staff. She is determined to give your child the best learning environment and to help them succeed. "

" If you feel your child is struggling in Math, I would encourage you to have your child take part of the Math Tutorials with the Program Specialist at the Math Education Center. "

" I had Diana Lasry as my 9th grade math teacher and she's AMAZING! She's one of the only teachers that was able to make me understand math. I highly recommend! "

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