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Offered to Students to Prepare For Mid-Term & Final Exams

Year-round programs The Crash Course is a Complete Review and Preparation for Mid-Term and Final Exams for all levels of Math, Science and History. All materiel will be provided for the Review. Past Practice Exams will be given and help with the memory-aid will be provided as needed. We have a very high success rate with students attending this program.

Now offering crash courses in Math, Science and History.

Final June Exams Crash Course Schedule

Available in both French and English!


Thursday May 30     5pm-8pm
Saturday June 1         9am-12pm

Sec 2
Friday June 7         5pm-7pm
Saturday June 8     11am-1pm
Sunday June 9       2pm-4pm

Sec 3
Monday June 3            5pm-8pm
Wednesday June 5       5pm-8pm
Saturday June 8            1pm-3pm

Friday June 14               5pm-7pm
Saturday June 15          12pm-3pm
Sunday June 16              3pm-6pm
Additional session:     Monday June 17       4pm-7pm

Saturday June 8          9am-12pm
Saturday June 9          9am-12pm
Monday June 10          5pm-7pm
Additional session:    Tuesday June 11       5pm-7pm 

Sec 5 CST
Saturday June 1             11pm-2pm
Sunday June 2               5pm-8pm
Monday June 3              5pm-7pm
Additional session:        Wednesday June 12          4pm-6pm

Sec 5 TS/SN
Saturday June 8           3pm-6pm
Sunday June 9              3pm-6pm
Monday June 10          6pm-8pm



Sec 1
Monday June 3        5pm-8pm
Tuesday June 4        5pm-7pm
Wednesday June 5   5pm-8pm  

Sec 2 
Saturday June 01          2pm-4pm
Sunday June 2              2pm-4pm
Monday June 3             4pm-6pm

Sec 3
Wednesday June 12      6pm-8pm  
Saturday June 15         9am-11pm  
Sunday June 16           9am-11pm 

Sec 4   ST   (MELS EXAM)
Saturday June 8        12pm-3pm
Sunday June 9          12pm-3pm
Wednesday June 12      7pm-9pm

Additional Session : Thursday June 13       6pm-8pm

Sec 4   EST   (MELS EXAM)
Saturday June 8              12pm-3pm
Sunday June 9                12pm-3pm
Sunday June 16       12pm-3pm  
Additional Session:  Tuesday June 18        6pm-8pm  



Sec 2
Saturday June 1               4pm-6pm
Sunday June 2                  4pm-6pm
Monday June 3                 6pm-8pm

Sec 3
Saturday June 1          12pm-3pm
Sunday June 2             2pm-5pm


Sec 4     (MELS EXAM)
Tuesday June 4          7pm-9pm
Thursday June 6         5:30pm-8:30pm
Friday June 7              5:30pm-8:30pm
(Additional session):  Monday June 10     5:30pm-7:30pm

Contact the MEC for possible additional days

Elementary - Math
Tutoring for Grades 1-6

Elementary Prep course for June exam
The new schedule will be posted in April or call the MEC for more information.

Questions? For further information please contact us.

Year-round programs
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