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Centre De Formation MathÉmatique

The #1 Math Tutoring School in the West-Island

Improve Grades and Confidence with the help of our Math Specialist

Year-round programsWith our tutoring services, we help students get focused, stay motivated and make the grades they need to succeed in school. We help students improve in Math throughout the year by providing with Homework support, preparing them for their next test, mid-term or final exams.

The MEC offers a personalized service of school support for students in Elementary School, as well as High School. We work with every child individually and their needs in a small group environment or one on one. Our individualized programs covers the academic areas where attention is needed, while developing the thinking and organizational skills that help students get ahead and stay ahead. 

All of our Math Programs are in accordance with the Quebec Ministry of Education Programs (MELS). 

Elementary - All Subjects
Tutoring for Grades 1-6

High School - Now offering math, science and history
Tutoring for Grades 7-11

High School:
Secondary 1: Math 100
Secondary 2: Math 212
Secondary 3: Math 306

Secondary 4:
Math 406 Science option (S)
Math 406 Technical and Scientific option (TS)
Math 404 Cultural,Social and Technical  option(CST)

Secondary 5:
Math 506 Science option(S)
Math 506 Technical and Scientific (TS)
Math 504 Cultural,Social and Technical option (CST)

Weekly Group Session Schedule

This Program is available throughout the school-year from September to June

Cost: $40/class

Private One-on-one Tutoring

Please call to schedule with one of our tutors.
  $45/ hr  with MEC Expert Tutor
  $60/ hr  with a certified teacher

  $50 /hr

Questions? For further information please contact us.

Year-round programs
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